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Dog Days Pool Service has been focusing in on cost effective solutions for residents in Safety Harbor and Clearwater for well over a decade providing the best fit for each pool. Every pool and every client is unique so we come up with a plan of action that can fit all needs. Our services are not focused on a one size fits all type of method we like to assess the situation and then come up with a thoughtful plan. We do not like the idea of having individual homeowners bound to our services, come join us pool-side and see what we are doing, we take pride in bringing your pool into the “safe zone” and making sure that each time you step foot into your pool it provides the satisfaction you were looking for and oh yes by the way your neighbors will love ya!

Splish splash! Having a pool is one of the many pleasures of life. However, it can be extremely hard to clean. There are different types of chemicals and pH balances to keep track of. Instead of having to worry about pool maintenance, have Dog Days Pool Service do it for you. Our Safety Harbor and Clearwater pool service will let you enjoy the dog days of summer—and any other time of the year!

How Has Dog Days Pools Stayed Number #1 in Safety Harbor and Clearwater For 15 Years!

Dog Days Pool Service is a pool service company from Safety Harbor and Clearwater, Florida. We are dedicated to high-quality services at affordable prices. Have you ever wondered how some pools never smell of chlorine and hurt your eyes when you swim in them? That’s because the water is at optimum levels and is at a perfect ph balance. Pools that stay at this level year round are easier to maintain, less invasive on your systems and without a shadow of a doubt nicer to swim in. Safety Harbor and Clearwater are the two regions of Florida that offer pretty much year round weather conditions that entice swimmers, every year 90% of the sustained swimming pool incidents are not caused by slip and falls they are actually caused by water bacteria according to the department of safety (See the News) give us a call and we can provide you some advice on how to stay proactive.

Dog Days Pool Service is an owner operated pool service, which has been serving the Saftey Harbor and Clearwater, Florida area for over 17 years. We strongly believe that our years of experience in the industry are a testament to our skills. We offer an extensive list of services for our customers.

Pool Service Offered

No contracts are necessary, and we charge by monthly rates (price of chemicals included). Dog Days Pool Service specialize in:

You can find us on the BBB and Angie’s List with an A+ rating! Please let us know if you have any questions about our company or our services.

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