Swimming Techniques that everyone needs to know!

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Swimming Techniques that everyone needs to know!

There are a variety of different swimming pool tricks ranging from beginner all the way to advance techniques. For beginners, however, one of the most important rules would be to get help from a swimming buddy. You never want to practice swimming alone and you always want to exercise caution no matter how advanced you are. Remember to make sure before you go in, you apply sun screen (especially during the summer time.)

The easiest trick to lean would be the Starfish Float. It is a basic swimming technique that allows you to float on your back with your arms and legs spread apart which additionally stabilizes your body while floating. Theoretically, once you have mastered this technique you could float forever in this position.

To start learning this swimming technique, you must first be in a calm environment otherwise waves will splash in your face and disturb your breathing. Begin by standing in the shallow area of the pool so that the water is only at waist level. Crouch down so that the water gets at shoulder level, lean back in water to get into a sitting position. You will want to push yourself off from the ground with your feet but with enough momentum so that your legs move upward to the water surface. Lean on your back and straighten your body so that it forms a line from your head to your toes with arms spread apart. You’ll want to have your body aligned so that your head, back and hips are aligned.

One of the more advanced swimming techniques you will probably learn is the freestyle stroke, also known as the “front crawl”. It is the fastest and most efficient of the competitive swimming strokes however it is also one of the most difficult to master for several reasons. Your face is submerged for the most part of the stroke cycle and you must roll on your side to breathe. Your arms and legs execute alternating movements at the same time. It is one of the hardest swimming techniques to learn but is also used the most, especially for competitions.

As a novice swimmer it may be best to learn from a certified instructor, or someone who has taken and completed classes. The classes are usually inexpensive but it really all depend on location, instructor, and whether or not it is a private lesson. Swimming equipment and accessories will also greatly aid a beginning swimmer.



Cooling and Chilling With A Pool Landscape

Pool Landscape

A Landscape Around Pools Offers a Cooling Environment

Escape To A Swimming Pool Paradise

What’s cool then having a pool? – Pool Landscape! Well having some character or some greenery around your pool area creating an cooling environment of forest-plant like landscape. Now it’s time to accessorize! Adding touches of landscaping and decorating is a great way to personalize your pool area. There are so many ways you can do this – with patio furniture, rock gardens, fountains, trees and flowers, and etc. Here are couple suggestions Dog Days Pool Service have noticed in maintaining our client’s pools in the Clearwater and the Safety Harbor locations.

Escape to a Pool landscape Paradise.
Understanding that pool landscaping goes far beyond just planting, for starters you need to start with a plan. The plan is creating an cooling environment around your swimming pool that makes it not only appealing and comfortable, but accessible. After your deck and walkways are in place, you want to choose plants that will do well in your area. Choose plants that do not attract pests such as bees, because the last thing you want is for your guests to be scared away. Pick out plants and flowers that don’t shed year round, causing excess debris in your pool and on your deck. Remember – plants and trees are great for creating privacy, but you never want them to overtake your backyard, creating more trouble with root systems and drainage. Escaping to your pool landscape paradise is around the corner!

Cozy Pool Furniture Around your pool landscape.
Dog Days Pool Service is not suggesting going and getting a couch for your pool! We are making suggestions based on the environment surrounding your pool. For instance, as soon as your landscape paradise is ready to go, next thing on your list should be pool furniture. Your guest will be floored upon seeing pool furniture they can sit down to relax and enjoy. A  place you can dine, nap, relax, enjoy drinks with friends, entertain, and even watch television! You will want to be sure to create shade for those warm summer days. You can do this with large umbrellas, trellises, awnings, etc. You then will want to add great furniture such as table and chairs to dine on, lounge chairs to relax and tan on and other accessories such as lamps, rugs, wall hangings, cushions and draperies

Let there be light! Landscape lighting for your pool.
Last but not least the lighting ambiance. Pools in the Clearwater and the Safety Harbor areas have different personalities and characters that suite our clients preference and we love seeing that. Not all pools are created the same, but with a touch of lighting it creates some functionality and more importantly it will create an atmosphere. Adding path lights, up lights to highlight tress, spotlights, and lanterns, to solar panel lighting if you are going green.

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