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For the last 17+ years, Dog Days Pool Service in Clearwater have been providing reliable pool cleaning and pool maintenance  in and around the area for decades. Dog Days Pool Service in Clearwater specialize in pool cleaning and pool services that we come to you any day of the week any time and if you are going on vacation we can set your timers and automate chemicals so no one needs to enter your home.

Clearwater Pool Services – Dog Days Pool Service specializes in Green Pool Clean-Ups, Safety harbor is known for its humid conditions and everyone living in Clearwater Florida can acknowledge that green pools are abundant. Let Dog Days Pool Service help with that along with new Pool Start-Ups.

We serve the entire radius of Clearwater and have worked on the most elite pools in the area. We don’t take our pool cleaning and maintenance responsibilities lightly we know how important it is for you, your loved ones and guests to swim in a safe and healthy pool.

We happily offer a full range of services, ranging from one-time cleanings to weekly maintenance appointments, chemical maintenance, algae treatments.

We charge monthly rates with ALL chemicals included.

Give us a call 727-791-6012 with any questions you might have about how we work, to schedule a primary cleaning or for a free estimate.

Clearwater Pool Services

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